Placer County indulges in too much wasteful spending

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According to Gus Thomson’s article of March 25 in the Auburn Journal, Placer County is tightening up rules on the use of its fleet of 153 vehicles now being driven home at night. If this is to save money for the county, I think it is great that the executive office is developing a “new” policy. After all, they are looking out for the way our tax dollars are spent. My question is, why in the hell is this being done now? Just think of all the money that could have been saved if this was done 10 or 20 years ago. It is extremely difficult to have trust and have confidence in the powers-that-be when your tax dollars are spent so freely. The article stated that Rocky Rockholm drives a Chevy Tahoe and he said it cost $43,000. Other supervisors drive vehicles ranging in price from $21,600 to $27,000. I guess if one can spend $9,888 on a flight from Provo, Utah to Lake Tahoe, it does not surprise me that Rockholm needs the most expensive take-home vehicle. The article also stated that Bekki Riggan, management analyst with the CEO’s office, presented an estimate that the cost of CEO’s office and Board of Supervisors’ vehicles would drop from a budgeted $128,168 next year to $86.570, or 28 percent. Maybe the county needs to hire an independent audit company to keep expenses in line. At least we would know where the money is going. Paul Campbell Auburn