Placer County should rescind raises

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Yesterday I went to a luncheon (27 people attended) and the topic of conversation for the entire lunch was Mr. Tom Miller and his posse, the Board of Supervisors minus Jennifer Montgomery who by the way got a lot of kudos from all of us. There were a lot of angry people there. We are all asking the Board if the recent extravagant raises approved by the three supervisors, can be rescinded? And if not, why not? We are very well aware that Placer County management does whatever they want, whenever they want to; however we are also aware that the Board of Supervisors have the power to “fire” Mr. Tom Miller who in our opinion is incompetent to say the least. By his actions it looks like he is taking care of only his “management” people and loads the “rank and file” which he is constantly trying to take away from. I would like to ask the Auburn Journal if they can look into “all departments” of Placer County. How many directors, assistants, managers, supervisors per department and their salaries. All the raises they have received for the last five years and if these positions are justified? Some of us want to know how these fat cats got so obese and why does it take so many managers to manage a few? Thank you, Mr. Jim Ruffalo on your fine article last Sunday regarding Placer County. Don’t you want to know how Placer County “squanders” your hard earned dollars? Let’s all unite and send a message to local government at the next Board meeting on Feb. 23 at 8:30 a.m., or check the County Web site. Together we can make a difference! Coti Castillo, Auburn