Placer County supes hike North Auburn sewer rates

Seniors plead to sink fee increase
By: Gus Thomson Journal Staff Writer
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North Auburn seniors gave Placer County supervisors an earful Tuesday on a 21 percent increase starting in July on sewer bills for homeowners – from $67.84 to $82 a month. Many said the hike is unwarranted when they’re being squeezed by rising prices as they try to survive on fixed incomes. “I just have a concern about being able to live in my own house,” said North Auburn resident Nan Shaw, before supervisors voted 5-0 to approve. “If I was a younger man still in the working class and had a better health plan I would never be here,” said Charles Cooper. “For senior citizens on fixed incomes with prescription costs – how much more can we endure?” Supervisors said while the monthly hike was unwanted, their hands were tied by federal and state requirements that demand higher charges for operational and infrastructure improvements. Supervisor Kirk Uhler said the board was put in a “distasteful” position and blamed the federal and state government for water quality regulations that gave the county “no good alternative.” Sewer Maintenance District 1 covers much of North Auburn and takes in 5,250 homes and 2,550 commercial customers. North Auburn’s Fred Rutherford said he sees only one solution to the rising cost of sewer rates in his community: “Stop going to the bathroom, and we won’t have to pay any fee.”