Placer grad night was great

Reader Input
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Congratulations Auburn for another successful Placer High School Grad Night! A huge thank you to our amazing Auburn town for coming together to keep our 2009 seniors safe on the night of their graduation. Donations from local businesses and services clubs provided activities and prizes throughout the night. Many of our restaurants provided delicious food for the kids. Parent volunteers transformed ARD into a “Sea of Dreams.” A huge thank you to the core group of committee members – without them this wouldn’t have happened: Nancy Hogan, Randi Swisley, Gina Studebaker, Carol Francis, Dana Lesher, Lisa Swisley, Susie Stangland, Kaye Bryant, Sandi Thys, Sarah Willick, Mary Ann Collins, Bettina Jacobson, Janeen Steinhiemer, Emilia Lawson, Teresa Chandler, Kathy Meyer and Collette Presley. I’ve already heard from numerous parents and graduates that this is an event they won’t forget! Thank you, Auburn. Chris Sands, PHS Grad Night Committee, Auburn