Placer has its own bit of Bell

Reader Input
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Well, it appears that the Bell, Calif. plague is alive and well here in our education department (Journal, Sept. 28). Who sets these salaries and perks? I bet it’s some other public employee(s) who are not accountable to the tax-paying private sector. What do these people do? What do they produce? While we lay off teachers, eliminate curriculums, close schools, these people continue to draw their hefty salaries and perks. It’s been talked about the testing of our teachers to see how effective they are. How do we measure the administrators? Is their position a lifetime appointment and who judges them? I believe we should expose the entire educational system here in Placer County and let the private sector see how their tax monies are being spent. How about the entire educational system throughout the state of California? Let’s see how much bang we get for our buck!   James McKesson, Auburn