Placer High gets $1,000 donation

Local non-profit in the giving spirit
By: Sara Seyydin Journal Staff Writer
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Placer High School got a holiday gift in the form of a $1,000 donation this week. Peter Efstathiu, principal at Placer High School, said Quality Housing Development Corp., a local non-profit agency, donated the money to be used toward students in need. He said the money would go into the student support account. The emergency fund for students has been used in the past for things like tutoring and field trips. It also goes toward the annual $10,000 Gold Mine Scholarship. “The more we get from these kinds of things, the more it helps support the students with things we can’t pay for because we don’t have the kind of monies we used to,” Efstathiu said. With many cuts to education over the past few years, Efstathiu said community donations have often made some programs possible that wouldn’t have been otherwise. Tanya Randall, Quality Housing Development Corp. board member, said she recognized there was a need because she has children that go to E.V. Cain Charter Middle School and Placer High. “I just think there is a need for support for kids that are less fortunate and particularly for lower income households,” Randall said. “Especially this time of year we all need to go a little further and make sure everyone is included in this holiday season.” Randall said through the agency’s work to develop affordable housing in the community she has met many excellent students whose families may be in a tough spot financially. “There are a lot of bright, athletic, capable children that just don’t have the support to make them succeed,” Randall said. “Everyone needs a backer.” Reach Sara Seyydin at