Placer High put down moot

Reader Input
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Reading the letter written by Mr. Przepiorski published on the Oct. 20, I found myself slightly insulted. I am a senior at Placer High School, and Mr. Przepiorski’s blatant statement that “Colfax students are more proficient than Placer” left me disgruntled. First off, the cartoon that Mr. Przepiorski wrote his letter in response to was not meant to insult the education or intelligence of Colfax students. In fact, the cartoon was referring to the “scandal” surrounding Colfax School. So, was the comment of Colfax students’ “superiority” in academics over Placer students really necessary? No, it wasn’t. Honestly, arguing over which school is “more proficient” is a pointless debate. Competition is all fun and games in school sports, but in terms of academics, the arguments shouldn’t even exist. The point of school is to learn for the purpose of gaining knowledge and growing intellectually — not to be smarter than other schools.       Amy Van Groningen, Auburn