Placer High should guide student traffic

Reader Input
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Am I the only one that thinks there needs to be more order and structure in regards to student pedestrian traffic around Placer High School, specifically the intersection of Agard and Orange streets? I have lived near the school for many years, and just forget about driving by there when the students are out! They pour onto the street nonstop, causing all cars to wait indefinitely. Never once has a single student shown the initiative to acknowledge that there is a driver in the car that might actually have some place important to be. In addition, many times students walk out into the road with their backs to traffic, leaving their whole fate in the hands of the driver. My point here is not to condemn the students, as we all know that high school is tough enough socially. However, it is clear that as a group they are not capable in this situation of “directing their own traffic” — for that matter when has any large group of people, without leadership, been able to keep order? If the administration at Placer directed traffic, at least minimally, this issue would be greatly helped. Are people who live near the school to be forced to take another route? Placer High, please do something. Thank you. Justin Wells, 2003 Placer graduate, Auburn