Placer racism shames reader

Reader Input
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The article “‘Political rage’ bubbles to surface in Auburn” (Journal, Oct. 3) clarified a good deal about who is responsible for the “rage.”
Mark Rosen of the Auburn Area Democratic Club pointed no fingers, made no accusations, called no one names. His response was reasoned bewilderment that people would be so rude, so aggressive, so hateful.
Dianne Foster of the Auburn Area Republican Women, on the other hand, doesn’t hesitate to say people are upset and angry at the president, to call President Obama a socialist and threat to a lifestyle.
Do we see the connection here? On the one hand, a civil response; on the other hand, more aggression.
I have to agree with Terry Davis, the recipient of the scurrilous note, that we, in our lovely Placer County cocoon, are closet racists. And I also have to admit, painful as it is, that we don’t love our neighbors unless they are perceived to be just like us. I am ashamed of us.
Chuck Huber, Newcastle