Placer Sheriff’s Department first-class

Reader Input
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On July 13 I had the honor of attending the Placer County Sheriff’s Department swearing-in ceremony. I was overwhelmed with the feelings that these officers and staff shared with one another. The medals of valor, both silver and gold, brought tears to the audience’s eyes, and a standing ovation. The Meritorious Service Award and The Citizen’s Medal of Merit recognized the many deputies, dispatchers and a private citizen, as well. Sheriff (Edward) Bonner and Undersheriff (Devon) Bell gave wonderful speeches about this family of workers and what they share together. I believe that the Placer County Sheriff’s Department succeeds in their core values of honesty, integrity, pride, ownership, dignity, courtesy, involvement in the community, professional training, education and commitment, along with accountability, makes this a community that I am proud to live in. Margarita Jordana, Auburn