Placer Sheriff: “Bin Laden started it, we finished it”

By: Gus Thomson, Journal Staff Writer
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Placer County Sheriff Ed Bonner said Monday that he’s proud of the way special forces soldiers took out one of the world’s leading bad guys. “I’m just so proud and appreciative of the men and women who protect our nation,” Bonner said. “That was an incredibly high-risk operation, done without the certainty that this evil person was there.” Bonner added that he was comfortable with Osama bin Laden being killed rather than being taken prisoner and put on trial for several acts of terrorism culminating in the Sept. 11, 2001, deaths of thousands. “When you have a fugitive who is armed and dangerous, he’s not going to give you the opportunity,” Bonner said. “Certainly people would have like to (have seen him go on trial). But we would have never seen it.” And with the deaths of thousands on his hands, the final minutes of bin Laden’s life weren’t a chess match, he said. “It’s war,” Bonner said. “He started it and we finished it – at least that part. But the war against terrorism isn’t over.” Bonner said that he feels the nation and its people are safer than before 9-11 but the chances of another attack on American soil are still likely. “But there’s one thing people should remember,” Bonner said. “Since 9-11, we’re definitely stronger and safer.”