Placer shows power on slopes

By: Sara Seyydin Journal Staff Writer
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The Placer High Ski team proved their potential for powerhouse status at Northstar on Monday, sweeping first place finishes in the giant slalom races. Senior, Karly Kenworthy re-debuted with a 1st place finish for the girls varsity team after being sick last race. Coach Matt Conley said he was glad to see her back at the top of her class. She came in at 2:05.72 just ahead of Colfax’s Nicole Bajka who had a combined time of 2:09.52. Colfax had two other top 10 finishes, Nicola Lorang took 5th at 2:14.09 and Stephanie Scott placed 8th, finishing with a time of 2:15.83. Placer’s Lanae Rothe earned a ninth place finish, moving up after her second race, with a time of 2:17.75. Kenworthy said conditions were good, although the higher temperatures in the afternoon made for slushy snow. “I felt it went good, but the snow wasn’t the greatest,” Kenworthy said. “Most of the people on our team improved a lot.” The boys varsity team had four top 20 finishes, with senior Evan Swayze claiming first again for the second race in a row. Swayze came in with a combined time of 1:58.88, beating out 2nd and 3rd place contenders from Davis and Portola. “It was a great feeling,” Swayze said. “I was really excited and was doing it for my team.” Outside of high school ski practice Swayze has been working on his skills with his Sugar Bowl club team and weight training to gain strength. He said these factors have paid off, sharpening his agility on the mountain. Placer boys rounded out the top twenty, sweeping spots 17th-19th, just behind Colfax’s Drew Anderson who came in at 2:20.9. Blair Meyer placed17th at 2:21.28 and McCall Falkenstein was just behind him in 18th place with a time of 2:22.28. Kyle Wells runs yielded him a 19th place finish at 2:22.35. Colfax’s Dylan Laidlaw earned a top 10 finish for Colfax, placing 7th with a time of 2:212.48. Nevada Union also showed their strength this race with notable top 10 finishes for both girls and boys varsity teams, giving Placer some fresh competition. Julian Faulkner who finished 3rd in last week’s race, missed a gate at the bottom of the course and was disqualified. Overall Coach Conley was pleased with the results, but thinks the Placer team is capable of even more. “I was hoping my boys would move a little higher in the ranks,” Conley said. “The top skiers from all the schools are really pushing each other.” The team will have an opportunity to prove themselves again in the giant slalom on Monday at Sugar Bowl. The Placer High Snowboard Team also raced on Monday. Results were not available at press time. Reach Sara Seyydin at ______________________________________________________ Women’s Varsity Northstar Giant Slalom Top 25 Listed- January 17, 2001 1 Karly Kentworthy Placer 2:05.72 2 Nicole Bajka Colfax 2:09.52 3 Alix Graves Davis 2:10.58 4 Marnie McDowell NU 2:14.09 5 Nicole Lorang Colfax 2:14.19 6 Lily Wolfe Davis 2:15.07 7 Quinlan Grim NU 2:15.09 8 Stephanie Scott Colfax 2:15.83 9 Lanae Rothe Placer 2:17.75 10 Natalie Serdahl Davis 2:18.29 11 Julia Ramirez NU 2:19.13 12 Kendra Green NU 2:21.79 13 Mariah Hopkins Quincy 2:24.55 14 Madison Hoal Davis 2:24.65 15 Madeline Welsh Davis 2:24.65 16 Caitlyn Shirley Portola 2:25.06 16 Olivia McDowell NU 2:25.06 18 Bailey Semmens Colfax 2:25.08 19 Kaitlyn Dwelle Bear River 2:28.08 20 Mikaela Nielsen Colfax 2:30.05 21 Kasia Sheblosky Davis 2:30.53 22 Kelsey Ewing Davis 2:30.92 23 Lani Chang Davis 2:32.03 24 Alysia Laidlaw Colfax 2:32.37 25 Natalie Smith NU 2:35.15 Men’s Varsity Northstar Giant Slalom Top 25 Listed- January 17, 2011 1 Evan Swayze Placer 1:58.88 2 Pooh Bear May Davis 2:04.02 3 Tyler Atkins Portola 2:06.53 4 Eric Green NU 2:06.83 5 Patrick Chapple NU 2:09.79 6 Koby Barker Quincy 2:11.61 7 Dylan Laidlaw Colfax 2:12.48 8 Zane Lopez Davis 2:12.69 9 Garrett Hagwood Quincy 2:13.25 10 Derek Pleasants Davis 2:13.97 11 Henry Dillingham Quincy 2:15.42 12 Luis Rubalcava-Cunan Quincy 2:18.71 13 Brian Biersdorf NU 2:18.73 14 William Young Davis 2:20.06 15 Adam Harris NU 2:20.56 16 Drew Anderson Colfax 2:20.90 17 Blair Meyer Placer 2:21.28 18 McCall Falkenstein Placer 2:22.13 19 Kyle Wells Placer 2:22.35 20 Robert Sekerek NU 2:24.83 21 Augustus Falkenstein Placer 2:26.11 22 Michael Sekerek NU 2:26.29 23 Dupee DuPratt Davis 2:27.55 24 Carson May Davis 2:28.86 25 Kian Reno Davis 2:28.41