Placer skis to wins in slalom

By: Journal Sports Staff
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Seniors Evan Swayze and Karly Kenworthy of Placer High School had the quickest times in each run and won the Varsity Men and Varsity Women competitions at the Central 2 Giant Slalom on Monday at Northstar-at-Tahoe. The first event of the season involved seven schools and more than 100 skiers. Swayze, who is new to the team, had runs of 59.37 seconds and 1:04.29 for a total of 2:03.66. Kenworthy, the reigning combined state champion, skied times of 1:00.59 and 1:06.47 for a 2:07.06 total. “It’s great to have the No. 1 spot in boys and girls,” Placer coach Matt Conley said. “That shows me Karly is looking toward a repeat. Evan Swayze is going to be a great addition to our team.” Also in Varsity Men, Placer’s Julian Faulkner was fourth in 2:09.18. Other Placer finishers were McCall Falkenstein, 12th in 2:15.92; Kyle Wells, 18th in 2:21.91; Augustus Falkenstein, 34th in 2:36.96; Kodie Gregersen, 36th in 2:49.90; and Bradley LaRue, 44th in 4:06.95. Colfax’s top finisher was Drew Anderson in 13th in 2:16.68. Timmy Smith was 23rd in 2:27.12, Zach Woodward was 26th in 2:30.17, Daniel Graupensperger was 37th in 2:51.48, Lawrence Kurran was 38th in 2:55.74, and Mark Graupensperger was 43rd in 4:01.70. Bear River finishers were Shane Weathers in 40th in 3:41.76 and Tyler Marshall in 42nd in 3:59.07. In Varsity Women, Nicola Lorang of Colfax was second in 2:12.55, Nicole Bajka fourth in 2:14.22 and Stephanie Scott sixth in 2:16.11. Other Colfax finishers were Alysia Laidlaw, 17th in 2:29.30; Tori Anderson, 18th in 2:32.44; Bailey Semmens, 19th in 2:32.86; Mikaela Nielsen, 21st in 2:33.35; Christina Goodrich, 35th in 3:12.60; and Bonnie Bellefontaine, 37th in 4:27.37. Placer’s next finisher was Lanae Rothe, who was 11th in 2:22.09. Placer’s Shannon O’Flaherty was 27th in 2:37.68, Ilaria Piredda was 34th in 3:01.47, and Lacy Reese was 36th in 4:03.02. Kaitlyn Dwelle of Bear River was 16th in 2:29.03. The first slalom event is next Monday at Alpine Meadows. The first snowboarding event is Monday at Northstar-at-Tahoe. Kaycie Bajka of Colfax won the junior varsity competition by nearly 15 seconds in a total time of 2:18.49.