Placer SPCA is misleading with ‘no kill’ policy

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A recent article about free fat cats offered by Placer SPCA begged for more research. While giving animals away isn't a practice upheld by prominent anti-cruelty animal organizations, PSPCA's statement that they haven't euthanized an adoptable animal in .. years is misleading at best. They state they don't euthanize (kill) adoptable animals. However, their online data indicates that they killed a whopping 42 percent of the animals that arrived at their shelter in 2006 or 1,900 animals. By comparison, the public county animal shelter, with far less resources, killed 22 percent of the animals that arrived at county facilities. Furthermore, online information says PSPCA serves Placer County, but the fact is they provide service primarily to the City of Roseville under a $600,000 annual contract. Smaller, mostly volunteer nonprofit groups with far less wealth than PSPCA have provided services and programs to the greater portion of the county for over a decade. As for justification that unadoptable animals are killed, it's hard to believe that Roseville has naughtier or more diseased animals than the rest of the county and therefore requires higher rates of killing. Most likely, PSPCA is complacent with the death toll because people send them donations regardless of their animal outcomes. It's time the Placer SPCA tells the community the truth about all the dead animals. Katie Cather Loomis Editor's note: The Journal has not run an article on this subject.