Placer team performed on all cylinders

Reader Input
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Tremendous performance, tremendous sportsmanship. Auburn should be proud of the Placer football team for their performance in the Foothill victory. Yes, the game displayed the balanced abilities of the Placer team as they performed on all cylinders on both sides of the ball; however, the performance did not stop there. The Placer coaching staff allowed the Foothill team (as they fell hopelessly behind 43-0 at half) to retain some manner of dignity as Placer began rotating players throughout the entire second half. This program has progressed tremendously in just three short years; however, the display of sportsmanship as presented to the general public in this game serves as an excellent example of coaching and playing in a manner befitting to the community that supports the program. Thank you coaches for your guidance, thank you players for your performance. Craig Jacobson, Auburn