Placer Water to help resolve private pipeline, drainage issues

By: Journal Staff Report
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AUBURN CA - Customers who are supplied through private pipelines and natural drainages may soon be receiving some additional support and assistance from the Placer County Water Agency. The Water Agency board has authorized staff to develop new guidelines for helping water users who share private water delivery facilities and sometimes face neighborhood issues over maintenance and water flows. Matt Young, director of customer services, said before the water board’s decision Thursday that the water agency supplies water in many cases to a shared delivery point from which an individual or group of property owners takes responsibility. “We don’t have rights of access to these areas and we are not responsible for maintaining the private conveyance facilities,” Young said. Young said problems can occur when no one maintains the private line, when one participant uses more than his share, or when unauthorized users take water that they don’t pay for. Under a staff proposal, the water agency will review the private conveyance issues on a case-by-case basis. The agency will share parcel numbers and water purchase amounts with water users on private systems to assist the private owners in settling any local issues. “It’s a good approach,” said agency legal adviser Janet Goldsmith. “It will empower staff to help agency customers and it will protect people’s privacy.”