Places of water origin pay ultimate price

Reader Input
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In response to Kevin Hanley’s “Hands off Placer’s water” (Another View, Nov. 4), may I comment that apparently Mr. Hanley does not understand that building the peripheral canal to send virtually all of the Sacramento (and a lot of the American River) water south to irrigate the giant Westlands Water District (on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley) will harm Placer County in many ways. This de-watering of the Delta will benefit the west side valley irrigators already subsidized by taxpayers – we pay the power, water and price supports – for these corporate agriculture businesses that directly compete with Placer County agricultural farmers. Because of their growing season they get to market earlier, and with taxpayer subsidies they reap enormous profits that small Placer County farmers do not enjoy. I know Mr. Hanley and I might disagree, but protecting and restoring the delta and bay are important to Placer County. Many of our residents fish and hunt. The delta and bay are the nursery for these resources. Having that ecosystem healthy and vibrant creates jobs there and here. Sending more precious water supplies needed to support that ecosystem south to the west side and then getting all their polluted return flows is bad policy. The Auburn City Council needs to get the facts straight. Joining or supporting the Regional Water Resources Coalition is probably a good idea, but supporting the peripheral canal or chunnel is not. A public goods charge on those exporting water out of the American River would be helpful especially if we could get some money back into the region to support water management projects. It’s fun to pick on Southern California, but at the end of the day they are conserving. They will not reap the benefits of this huge $15- to $53 billion project and Placer County and other areas of origin will pay the ultimate price – their water and wealth index of plentiful resources will vanish. Joanne Neft, Newcastle