A plan to derail ObamaCare

Reader Input
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Stephanie Sharon-Corniuk’s comments that Congressman (Tom) McClintock failed to represent his constituents by voting against the ObamaCare bill is completely erroneous (Reader Input, March 28). She obviously attended no town hall meetings where over 85 percent of hands raised (when brought to a vote) adamantly opposed the bill. Republicans support reform in healthcare, but oppose revamping the entire system. We don’t tear down a house to add on a room. Over 80 percent of Americans have health insurance and are satisfied with their coverage. More than 60 percent of Americans oppose ObamaCare which would intrude on our lives and destroy the best healthcare in the world. Most Americans get it when Obama says “he wants to transform America.” ObamaCare is not about improving health insurance, but a vehicle for destroying capitalism and replacing it with a European-style social welfare country. Efforts are now being focused to repeal ObamaCare. The bill was not passed on its merits, but on threats, arm-twisting and bribery of our representatives by (Nancy) Pelosi, (Harry) Reid and Obama. This November let’s weed out those who succumbed to Chicago-style politics. The goal is to block the funding for ObamaCare after the November election, and then repeal the bill after the next Presidential election. Dianne Foster, Foresthill