Planners, please don’t rubber-stamp

Reader Input
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City planners: Please consider the following points before passing BRSP’s (Baltimore Ravine Specific Plan) draft EIR. • Developer may play Auburn against Placer County regarding Indian Hill Road issues. • Where is BRSP’s water coming from? Livinston Concrete may use wells; Placer Vineyard must import. Why? • Native American artifacts will be bargained away like Clover Valley. • Will more new homes sell? Additional vacancies depress Auburn’s home values. Please check vacancies before allowing more building. • Does Auburn need another subdivision in its ONLY remaining parcel of beautiful wild land? Why not generous lots with single-family homes — not maximum density per acre? • Will BRSP benefit anyone besides developers? • If funding dries up, development will abort, like Dunmore’s projects — half-built subdivisions, abandoned parks, roads, and homes. • Were Auburn residents surveyed? Do they want this project? • Placer County has NEVER turned down requests by developers….EVER. What is Auburn’s record? • Water drains directly into Auburn Ravine. What prevents further waterway pollution, killing resident aquatic life (happening in Auburn Ravine now). • Will sewage run into a South Canal catch-basin for recycling? An overload to Auburn’s Wastewater Treatment Plant, the major polluter of Auburn Ravine. Planners’ heads nod in empathy to residents’ concerns, yet they continually rubber-stamp approvals. Kathleen Harris, Auburn resident, SARSAS board member