Please clarify these 2 issues

Reader Input
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Issue No. 1: Could or would someone help me to understand what changes (for the better) in the environmental impact report from the mid-’90s have occurred? The only changes have been for the worse. The idea for a big box store at the location being considered — it was all hashed through and it was determined not to be suitable. We now have to face this issue again. Today, we again see the owner trying to get his way and the many politicians more than ready to assist in the matter. Is this not just an issue of money? All citizens need to take note of the so-called leaders who are ready to sell us out and remember them on election day. Issue No. 2: Our leaders and managers are ripping us off for every penny they can swindle us out of. Recently someone wrote in portraying the city manager as some kind of a Superman or Robin Hood who we are fortunate to have. He is a Robin Hood in reverse. Why do we always have to have an ultra-high paid manager who hails from some far away big dump city? It surely is not that they understand our small Northern California town, our issues and our desire to not become a blackboard jungle. Are we stupid or what? Paul T. McDaniel, Auburn