Please don’t revise history

Reader Input
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In response to Don Applegate’s letter (“Terrorists need no tribute,” Reader Input, Sept. 7), it always amazes me how individuals are blinded by their own political and religious biases in order to demonize others. President Obama did not give his approval to build an Islamic cultural center at “Ground Zero.” The proposed site is to be built several blocks away! I would suggest that even if the site was to be built in New Jersey, Mr. Applegate would disapprove. The statement that there is “only one religion that has a history of murdering Americans” ignores the fact that other religions, including Catholics, Jews and Christians, have been murdering each other since time began. Americans, under false pretenses, have invaded other countries and killed millions. One can say that “America” itself was built upon the massacre and enslavement of the indigenous people. Like the British before us we continue to force our “democracy” and religious concepts upon other countries through force. Why are we not surprised at the inevitable reaction? Chuck Nelson, Foresthill