Please explain discordant view

Reader Input
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I’m having a difficult time reconciling some of the stated policies of the Republican ticket for 2012. As my first example, I can understand having a moral conviction that results in an anti-abortion position. What I don’t understand is how Republican politicians reconcile the requirement that a child be born but insist on cutting all funds that may be necessary for the child to live in a minimally healthy, nurturing environment that is necessary to foster productive members to our society. In addition, I am also struggling with the call to repeal the Affordable Care Act. If all members of our society are not required to have health insurance, who pays for the healthcare of the uninsured? As we know is currently the situation, the uninsured often use a hospital emergency room for illnesses that should be handled in a general practitioner’s office. When all the accounting is done, who pays for these basic services and/or legitimate emergencies when the patient does not have the means to do so? Since Placer County is a Republican stronghold in California, I sincerely hope that someone can explain how these seemingly discordant messages can result in a positive direction for this country. Joan Schroeder, Auburn