Please observe rules of the road

Reader Input
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Unfortunately, simple-minded drivers come in all ages and intelligence. It doesn’t matter if you are doing 55 mph in a 45 mph zone, someone is going to do 70 mph. It’s not that they’re running late, they just want to be first or out front. Being out front works in sports, but not on the road. Not using good judgement, common sense and intelligence causes damage, injury and in some cases death. Unfortunately, in cases that cause death it is usually not the stupid person who dies but an innocent person who was following the rules of the road. I still contend that if a person gets caught for DUI then they should be taken off the road, period. That would increase bicycle sales or help public transportation. I have ridden motorcycles for many years and learned very early that whether you’re driving a four-wheel or a two-wheel vehicle, you obey the same road rules, which means that you don’t drive up the center between two lanes of traffic as that is showing not only poor judgement but the worst of stupidity. When I see motorcyclists doing this I wonder who it was that actually took their motorcycle driving exam for them. So it is not just seniors, but drivers of all ages, race, creed and color that use lack of common sense and intelligence on the road. Donald Adams, Auburn