Please stop spending like this

Reader Input
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Congratulations people of Rocklin, by re-electing Scott Yuill to the Rocklin City Council you have confirmed your insanity. Not only did the current council vote to pay our city manager more than $300,000 for his “work,” Scott, along with the other members, approved a proposal to go out to bid for the “Community Services & Facilities – Parks & Facilities – 2010 City Hall Remodel.” Sounds good right? What it actually means that we are going to pay for the remodel of the existing City Hall so that Carlos, our over-paid, part-time, temporary city manager has a closer place to go wee. The bids didn’t close until Nov. 9, 2010 but after reviewing the 359-page bid request and the multiple drawing attachments, I can only guess how many thousands of dollars it has already cost us to create and administer the package and the hundreds of thousands that it is going to cost us to complete the project. Just so Carlos can go wee. People, please start reading the public notices and tell your city representatives to stop spending our money like this. All so that Carlos can wee. Jack Reddy, Rocklin