Please support Placer High

Reader Input
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I wrote a letter to the editor that was in “Comment” recently that asked for support for our Green and Gold Placer football teams transportation. Wow! I read the next day of the tremendous citizens stepping up to support our great young athletes (Journal, Sept. 9-10). Well, I would like to make a strong amendment to that article. Our young people need much support, not just in football, but in all of the many valuable programs. And never to forget the great music program with the wonderful Hillman band. And, oh yes, the super cheering programs. Let’s face it, these young people are our future. This is a great way to “Give Back.” Again, I urge all businesses and citizens to be as generous as possible and support our ever so great young people. Step up to the plate, line up on the scrimmage line, get off the chalks, hit the mats, cheer and play great music as citizens of this great city. Paul T. McDaniel, Auburn