Please take time to read Constitution

Reader Input
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Mark Twain once said, “The classics are something everyone talks about but no one reads.” The same can be said of our Constitution. We are abysmally ignorant about the document that is the rock we have built our lives around for over 200 years. It is a simple charter with fewer pages than my microwave instruction manual and a hell of a lot easier to understand. It was designed to create an engaged central government while at the same time checking government’s natural tendency to increase power as all governments have done throughout history. Over the last half-century or more our Constitution has been tweaked, twisted, sneered at or totally ignored by the very people elected to uphold it. In smug superior tones they tell us it is obsolete, outdated. But it is in fact a freedom document. Since when has freedom become obsolete? They pat us on our poor empty noggins and explain to us that we must have constitutional scholars explain it to us. Bull dung! It was written by farmers, but farmers with a vast knowledge of history and based on that knowledge created one of the greatest documents ever written and with some accuracy predict our possible future and boy, did they ever get it right. Read the writings of our founders and compare it to the pablum spewed out of Washington every day, and draw your own conclusions. Some of the boneheads in Washington can barely form syllables. They get away with this because they know most of us have not read the Constitution since grade school, if then. With this knowledge our government has amassed power it was never granted, and will continue to point of tyranny unless America wakes up. Take 10 or 15 minutes each day and read a part of the Constitution. Break it down article by article, amendment by amendment. Our founders sacrificed much to create it and millions sacrificed much to preserve it. We owe them that at least. Don’t have a copy? Call me, I’ll get you one. My number is in the phone book. JOHN DOWNS, Newcastle