Plenty of groups to share blame for gas crisis

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So, the gas crisis is the fault of President Bush and/or the oil companies. I am no fan the oil industry, but there is plenty of fault to go around. Our elected officials have been so beholden to the environmental lobby and left-wing zealots that they have refused to acknowledge the impending crisis. They don’t care because as gas consumption goes up, so goes their tax receipts. The fact that they have government-supplied cars, gas credit cards and government aircraft makes them immune to rising prices. Our consumption of fuel is up and our production is down. No new refineries in 30 years and we are importing about 12 percent of our refined gasoline. China is expecting to have 140 million cars by 2020 — that is seven times more than today. This does not include India and Russia. The No. 1 and 2 suppliers of oil to the U.S. are Canada and Mexico, with the balance coming from the Middle East. Imposing a windfall profit tax will not increase the availability of oil nor produce new sources of energy. If a new source of energy is discovered today, what guarantee is there that it wouldn’t cost $10 per gallon or more? Then there is the problem of converting all the cars, heating and related systems to this new fuel. It would probably take a generation or more. Why can’t we do both — provide the U.S. with oil and continue to develop new energy sources? Conservation, ethanol and government mandates will not be enough. Let’s not forget the national security issues involved. The Middle East countries are no friend of the U.S. and are happy to funnel their profits to anti-U.S. interests and terrorists. Richard Beckler Colfax