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A poem to get people to the polls

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The presidential election is soon drawing near And some might be tired of this political sphere. Santa’s season is coming and soon the year will be ended, And I know that you’re probably overextended. I know you’re all busy making money for gifts, And I don’t really want to cause any rifts But there’s something more important than your Federal Reserve Note: It is essential for you to get out and vote! You might think it’s boring or you don’t have the time; “Not voting,” you say, “is a victimless crime.” You might not want to give your opinion, But voting is secret and under no one’s dominion. You might even think that voting does not soothe your palate, But in America you can vote by absentee ballot! So don’t let your vote sit on a dusty old shelf, Because by not voting you are only hurting yourself. Emily Edris Auburn