Police and fire did a wonderful job at the tanker fire

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When a local emergency such as last week’s tanker fire incident occurs, we depend on our public-safety personnel to respond to the scene, do what is necessary to control the situation and to come up with a plan to resolve the matter. Our Lincoln police and fire personnel performed admirably in maintaining public confidence while taking steps to control the fire, establish perimeter controls, evacuate nearby business owners and residents, and to keep the public informed concerning their efforts. I would like to compliment Fire Chief Dave Whitt and Police Lt. David Ibarra for the very professional briefing they provided via public media concerning the fire and related evacuation precautions. Once again, it demonstrated that we can depend on our public-safety representatives to step up to the plate and take charge when an emergency occurs. Anything we can do to show support for our police and fire personnel is likely to pay dividends when we need it most. Thank you, police and fire! JIM DATZMAN, LINCOLN