Police report got it wrong

Reader Input
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Hello. I am Mary Ellen Stamps. My turn to speak. I did not leave my child for several hours (Journal, Jan. 8). That is an error in the police report. I actively searched for him and enlisted a number of others in that search. Also, I have never abandoned him and have no intention of doing so now. I have always been an advocate of not only my son’s right to life, happiness and freedom, but also those of others. How about “The People” of California and Nevada? Can they say the same? Does anyone have the statistics on the number of children aborted in these two states alone? If you condemn me, you only condemn yourselves that much more. Parents all over lose their children. It’s not always their fault. My child thinks it’s a game. Have you ever heard of “Hide and Seek?” My son just doesn’t know the right timing. We took several steps to address the problem before the trial. These steps have been very helpful for us as a family. All these facts were conveniently left out of the picture painted for the jury, the judge, and you the public by a D.A. obsessed with winning court cases. But at least you should sleep better tonight knowing that our family is not the sadly insensitive, uncaring group of people the D.A. would lead you to believe. Thank you for listening. Mary Stamps, Reno, Nev.