Political signs lifted from Newcastle properties

One resident released flier about thefts
By: Amber Marra, Journal Staff Writer
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Multiple Newcastle residents have reported that political signs they have posted on their property have been stolen recently.

Rocky Robinson, of Newcastle, had a sandwich board made before the special election for the Measure B tax package earlier this year.

He got to display his sign for a few weeks. It read "Build the Station, End the Tax," a message against the tax increase that comes with Measure B, the funds from which are meant to build a new Newcastle fire house.

In late February, Robinson's sign was displayed outside of his home overnight. The next morning, it was gone.

"It upset me. The sandwich board sign cost me $35 to have it made," Robinson said. "Those big signs are $90 a piece. It's not like you're just putting out a couple of dollars for them."

Since then, Measure K has been placed on the November ballot and with it a slew of new political signs either for or against it.

Recently, Robinson has heard from other Newcastle residents who have experienced similar thefts of political signs on private property. That prompted Robinson to print fliers explaining that the thefts have been happening and that stealing the signs from private property is a crime.

"Area residents have already had people climb over private fences and remove or destroy signs," the flier reads. "Some senior citizens have been shaken by the theft on their property."

Mary Larsen, who lives in Newcastle on Auburn Folsom Road, said she had a sign that read "Build the Station, End the Tax" at the end of her driveway several weeks ago, but that it disappeared not long after it was posted.

"I don't like these people who take things that don't belong to them," Larsen said.

Robinson said he doesn't know who could be taking the signs and that another property owner whose sign had been allegedly stolen is thinking about installing a security camera around new signs. None of the thefts have been reported to law enforcement officials, according to Robinson.

"I find it annoying that some people can't stay on their own side of the property line and behave themselves," Robinson said.

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