Politicians in bed with biz

Reader Input
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I see lots of people complaining about BP (and they deserve it) and the financial giants (and they deserve it). But how about the politicians who take tens of millions of dollars from these companies to make laws that have built-in loopholes that benefit the big money interests? Obama received over $900,000 from Goldman Sachs and company during his run for president, and $39 million from the banks, insurance companies and Wall Street during this same period. Republicans get similar amounts of dollars. And the politicians say they are not influenced by all this money. Right? How do “we the people” compete with all these dollar signs that the Supreme Court says is just “free speech”? We can’t, and the results show it. And there is the slight problem of the politicians and regulators who go to work for these same companies when they retire from government. Don Perera, Rocklin