Politics destroys friendships

Reader Input
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I have never seen friendships and relationships destroyed at the rate they are today. The really shameful thing is that it is all so stupid as each person, whether liberal or conservative, should simply get over it. The issue is forever kindled through the spewed-out hatred of the talk show clowns who, by the way, are the only winners in the issue as they are all getting rich as they stir the pot. While everyone should vote they need keep in mind that their vote is really not that significant. We need to reflect on the 1972 presidential election where Nixon won over McGovern with the Electoral College giving him 520 votes to McGovern’s mere 17. The real kicker there was the popular vote count where the people gave McGovern 29,084,726 to 7,108,459. So the people gave over four times as many votes to the man that did not win. Duh. This has happened on several other elections. So before you go getting all flustered or stewed-up, first turn off the media screwball pot-stirrers and remember that politics is only good if we have a choice. P.S. Keep your friendships sacred. Paul T. McDaniel, Auburn