Polli pair celebrates 68th

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Richard and Catherine Polli celebrate their 68th anniversary on Dec. 16. The couple met in their teens in Vineland, New Jersey. Both are veterans of World War II. Richard was in the Navy and served in the Pacific. Catherine entered the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corp weeks after its inception. Richard got one-week leave in December 1942 and took the train to Des Moines, Iowa, where Catherine was training at Fort Des Moines. She was given a short leave and the couple took the bus to Trenton, Missouri. There they found a pastor decorating his church for Christmas. He married them and they returned to Iowa. The couple went back to Norfolk for the Christmas holiday so they could have a short time together before Richard shipped out. Later, Catherine became a recruiter in the Northeast. When the couple was out in public together, people often commented on “The Navy boy and the Army girl.” The Pollis moved to California after the war and relocated to Auburn in 1996 to be near their daughters.