Poor animals deserve better

Reader Input
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Halle Grebe (Reader Input, Feb. 6) was correct in calling the Auburn Animal Shelter a “pound”! In this antiquated facility dogs never see the sunlight unless a compassionate volunteer takes them for a short stroll.  And the poor cats — all they see is the inside of a little cage and strangers walking by. Halle was right. The Auburn shelter is a dreary place and depressing for visitors. Friends of mine and I have pleaded with the county for over 10 years to build a new shelter, resulting only in never-kept promises. Millions have been spent for many new elaborate structures, i.e. the new justice building where employees enjoy more pleasing surroundings and the new jail where inmates can live more comfortably. And right in the middle sits a “Disgrace to Placer County” — the Auburn “pound.” The poor animals, the dedicated shelter director and his employees deserve a better place. Mechelle Buhan, Auburn