Poor schools increase other costs

Reader Input
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I would like to challenge the voters of the Auburn area who are pondering Measure L to consider the larger picture. Having worked in a prison and around corrections for nearly four years, I am constantly struck by the exorbitant numbers of inmates and parolees who did not graduate from high school. It is no secret that opportunities in life increase exponentially for people who possess educational credentials. Getting those credentials is only possible through quality education. The classrooms of Auburn Union School District have been subjected to numerous budget cuts in the past years. Difficult decisions have been made including the closure of Alta Vista School and the discontinuation of the sixth, seventh and eighth grade classes at Skyridge School. The consequences of Measure L going up in smoke will not only be felt by the students but by the community as a whole. Mediocre schools decrease property values and will sadly lead many to fewer opportunities and poor choices in the world. Delinquency and crime will increase. Cutting costs in education will only shift to even greater costs for law enforcement and corrections. Which is the better investment in the big picture? Can we afford not to pass Measure L? Voters have tremendous power on Nov. 2 to let the Auburn schools sink or swim. Please join me in voting an enthusiastic “yes” on Measure L. Deanna Stilwell, licensed clinical social worker, Auburn