Possum ‘problem’ took care of itself

Reader Input
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Years ago my dogs tangled with an opossum. The possum looked to be dead so I slid it into a black trash bag and put her in our shed until I had time to bury her. Next check on her she was moving around the shed. My possum played possum. I was so happy she was alive. I gave her some water and that night we kept the dogs in and left the shed door ajar and by morning she had left and hopefully was back at possum hollow. We never saw an opossum again. My neighbor’s kids found a possum in their yard. They put a cardboard box over it with air holes and a rock on top and called animal control, which came and picked it up. Problem solved. Whatever possessed the young man to commit such a heinous act on the poor possum we’ll never know, (Journal, Sept. 26). I hope she didn’t have a baby in her pouch. RUTH R. LaGRANGE, Cool