Powers acts on promises

Reader Input
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On Saturday, Oct. 2, I had the pleasure of accompanying Auburn’s mayor, Bridget Powers, on a neighborhood walk-about. Being a fellow Rotarian (albeit different clubs) I have rubbed elbows with Bridget several times over the past decade, but have never gotten to know her. My impression of her has always been that she is a good person, with a lot of energy. A couple of weeks ago Bridget spoke at our office meeting at Coldwell Banker. “Hum,” I thought, she really cares about Auburn. And it wasn’t what she said so much as how she said it. Her eye contact and her body language conveyed much more. She really means what she says and she really cares about her community, I thought. So I sent her a brief note, just to let her know that I got it. Well, I live in Newcastle and I can’t vote for her, but I wanted to support her in some way. A couple of days later I received an invitation to join her in a neighborhood walk. I jumped at the chance. This was the way I could help her and, I believe, help Auburn, so I said I would do it. What a day, what an inspiration she is! It was hot and the hills were steep, but she was unstoppable (just as anyone is when they are on a mission they believe in). I learned a lot that day and I am more inspired and supportive than ever. I had a thought while we were walking those steep hills, “Politicians say what we want them to say to get our votes, then when they get into office they fail to do what they said they would do. So we say, ‘Politicians are liars.’” From what I have seen, Bridget has not only done what she said she would do, she does even more. Mark that spot in front of her name on your ballot and know that you are doing Auburn a grand favor. Lynn Grilli, Newcastle