POWs are not fodder for jokes

Reader Input
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An open letter to Chuck Lorre, TV producer, and Warner Bros. Studios, Hollywood, CA: Dear Mr. Lorre, I truly enjoy the shows that you currently have on the air. I find them to be totally entertaining and thoroughly hilarious! As a Republican, there are not very many funny things going on right now, so your shows are doubly appreciated. However, I must take very strong exception to the “Mike & Molly” show that aired on May 16. The comments in reference to the Vietnam prisoners of war were inappropriate and totally unappreciated. As a Vietnam veteran, the thought of trying to wring a laugh out of their (or any P.O.W.s) plight is unconscionable. I will continue to watch your series of shows, however, in the future, POWs are off-limits! Richard Turton, Auburn; Vietnam, 1970-1971