Praise for exceptional doctor

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I feel obligated to write a letter in order to share with the community my excellent experience with Dr. Phillip Kintner at Auburn Faith Hospital. Two months ago I went to the hospital late at night with complications during my twin pregnancy and being from out of town, Dr. Kintner, the on call OBGYN, was called in to see me. He showed up promptly, introduced himself and then went to work. I was in severe pain and scared not knowing the exact cause. Dr. Kintner was so down to earth. He explained my condition, the cause, and went through possible solutions. Although he wasn’t my doctor he treated me like I was his longest and only patient. He was kind, humorous, and had incredible “bed-side” manner. Discussing my medical condition with Dr. Kintner was like talking to an old friend. He genuinely cared about and empathized with me making me as comfortable as possible. He took his time as though I was in his office with a scheduled appointment not awakened late at night examining a stranger in the hospital. I was so impressed that at the end of my ordeal I was ready to move back to Auburn just so I could switch doctors and have him deliver my twins. Unfortunately I couldn’t because Auburn Faith does not have the facility to care for premature births. Given the chance I honestly would have switched in a heart beat. Thank you, Dr. Kintner for your care and concern. You are truly an exceptional doctor. Holly Henson, Auburn