Preparations gear up for school year

By: Julie Eng, Journal Correspondent
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Local students are in the final stretch of summer as teachers and parents get ready for the return to school. Classes begin at most Auburn-area schools this week, which means the next few days will be full of preparation, at home and in the classroom. E.V. Cain Middle School teacher Olivia Conn has her classroom just about ready for a new group of seventh-graders. “I’m really looking forward to the school year,” she said. “I’ve been here all week preparing.” In addition to getting her classroom ready, Conn has been busy setting up a class Web site. This will be a lifesaver for many parents who will find it easier to keep up on their children’s classroom activities. Conn and other teachers are getting their classrooms ready for the first week of school, which she says is a transition week for the students. That first week is spent reminding kids of school and class rules, having parents sign forms and getting to know new teachers and classmates. “I think it’s an exciting time for them,” Conn said. Auburn-area students interviewed Downtown on Thursday agree. Victoria Graziano and her mother Barbara say that the last week of summer is an easy one for them. “They go to bed earlier, but that’s about it,” Barbara said. Victoria, who will be going into her eighth-grade year, is ready for class to begin. “It’s good to relax for like, the first two weeks,” she said. “But it can get boring.” Like Graziano, Kyle Lopez, who will be returning to Chana High School for his junior year, enjoyed his summer, but is happy to go back to school. “I went to Pismo Beach and surfed this summer, which was really fun,” he said, “but I’m kind of looking forward to going back to school because Chana is awesome.” Eighth-grader Maggie Fielding-Jennings has another important reason for wanting to go back. “I’m excited to go back,” said Fielding-Jennings. “It’ll be cool to see my friends again.”