Prescription can fight depression

Reader Input
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I’d like to address the concerns one of your readers has concerning psychotropic drugs (“Psychiatry behind shooters,” Reader Input, Aug. 5).
They’re certainly not for everyone who suffers depression, but for many of us they replace chemicals deficient in the brain like insulin does for blood sugar control.
When they work, they give us our lives back. I’ve been on these medications under the supervision of a caring and knowledgeable physician for around 15 years now. I can only describe it as feeling like myself again, coming in out of the dark. If you are experiencing depression, find a physician you can work with and see what your options are.
As for the rampages of our recent mass murderers, prescribed drugs are not to blame. Physicians’ hands are tied due to confidentiality laws, and many times their patients can’t be given the help they – and the public – need.