Preserve our native oaks

Reader Input
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A local group, “Citizens for Tree Preservation,” was formed after the shocking clear-cut of an oak forest by a developer on property near Sierra College Boulevard and Interstate 80 in the City of Rocklin last spring. After looking into ways to preserve existing trees from a similar fate, we discovered that, in the City of Rocklin, most commercial developers do not have to pay tree mitigation fees, provide tree replacement or land acquisition for the devastation they wreak. This is shocking in a county whose most prominent icon is our beautiful oak woodlands. Mother Nature does not recognize lines drawn on a map, so, arguments based on whose territory it is, are mute. We are not islands, but part of an eco-system that is complex and beautiful. Once destroyed by chain saws and bulldozers, it is gone forever. Does anyone care? Citizens for Tree Preservation wants to preserve existing, mature oak woodlands from being clear cut. Concerned citizens should voice their opinions publicly to the Rocklin City Council in order to protect the very environment that attracted and keeps people living in Placer County. Irene Smith, Loomis