President Bush deserves slack

Reader Input
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I am amazed at people who join Obama in blaming everything on Bush. Bush was not a good president but next to Obama, he looks great. No one seems to remember that President Bush said we needed to curb Fannie and Freddie but Barney Franks and the other Democrats said no, they were fine. The Democrats have run the congress for over six years. They also put pressure on banks to make the bad mortgage loans that led to the financial crash. Yes, Clinton left us with a surplus thanks to his work with a Republican Congress. I fault President Bush for not vetoing the spending his congress caused. But this is now Obama’s financial disaster which is far worse than it was when he took office due to his lack of knowledge in business or financial affairs. At this time if we extended the Bush tax cuts for 10 years or permanently, repealed Obamacare and cut regulations, our economy would heal itself. We really need a fair tax which would create more funds for our government. This is not a Value Added Tax which again stifles commerce. We truly need smaller government. Everything Obama has done has hurt our country — a stimulus plan that didn’t work but put us deeply in debt; cash for clunkers; home retrofits; first-time buyers; Obamacare; financial regulation that didn’t include Fannie and Freddie; putting a moratorium on drilling in the gulf which will cost 21,000 jobs; increasing the size of government by 25 percent while cutting the military, and more. This man only knows how to give a speech with prompters and organize communities of public housing to fight for their causes. This is not experience to be president of our country, let alone a business. Ann Laman, Auburn