President good at photo ops

Reader Input
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After reading the letter from Bob and Ginny Mock praising the president’s actions concerning the gulf oil disaster (Reader Input, June 23), I felt the urge to respond. The president has done an awful job. He has not rallied the assistance of other countries (skimmers), and has not responded to repeated requests from Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal for funds to build more sand berms. Now, the oil is all the way to the Florida panhandle, and it is still gushing. This has been ongoing for over two months, yet, the president has plenty of time to play (many) rounds of golf and to be entertained by Paul McCartney. Being a native of New Orleans, I cannot help but think that the president simply doesn’t care about the livelihoods lost in the region, as well as the devastating loss of wildlife and habitat. I say he is doing nothing — photo ops are about all he knows how to do. The real leader in all this mess has been Gov. Bobby Jindal! Donna McCloskey, Auburn