President learning value of capitalism

Reader Input
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Quoth the president, “You can’t drill your way out of the oil crisis.” No, but you can generate jobs, fill the void created by slow-growing replacement energy alternatives, and stop the exporting of American dollars in the interim. While the president quashes the pipeline, scoffs at the blatant and outrageous corruption that follows his investments (with our money) in his pet green dream projects, and pursues his idealistic notion that we can borrow our way back to prosperity, I’d be a flaming fool to accept yet another stupid notion. No one is foolish enough to turn a blind eye toward green alternatives. All that many of us want is for Obama to cease his obvious disdain for the corporate providers outside his ideal world vision, regardless of their role in this country’s success in the past. Bailing out the inept automakers would not have been done if not for the buying of the union vote. Why not support the possibility that these vile oil companies could not only show an attempt to retain some of the American dollars this administration is so eager to piss away (even if short-term) so that maybe they will even help us seek that same green dream with new R & D money generated from new drilling? Even the president has learned that the greedy, selfish, outdated American way of life called capitalism has a role to play in today’s United States, even if only to buy his way into a second term. Tom Head, Grass Valley