President needs good hair

Reader Input
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In Charles Wallen’s letter of Nov. 18, he seems to infer that a high IQ is a prerequisite for the presidency. If you go back just a short time we find that President (Jimmy) Carter was a graduate of the demanding U.S. Naval Academy and a nuclear engineer in that military endeavor. In this case a high IQ to be sure, but resulted in only a one-term president. Next we have a handsome, charming, amiable dunce in Ronald Reagan who didn’t know he had signed off on an arms for hostage agreement, didn’t know if he had ever appointed a minority to a cabinet post, thought that one redwood tree was enough, ignored the advice of his military advisers and got 241 Marines killed in Lebanon, etc., etc., etc. This was when he was lucid and he lasted two terms. In Kathleen Parker’s column of Nov. 29, she alludes to the fact that Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney both have perfect hair and consequently could be the next president. Unfortunately, we are not yet ready for a female president and … consequently that leaves Mitt Romney. Makes sense to me. HENRY MANIGAULT, Auburn