President is not a king

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Letter to Dee Nann (Reader Input, Dec 8): I so admire your empathy for the homeless, the children who can’t afford colleges today, and those who have lost their jobs. And you are right — (President Barack) Obama hasn’t done enough in these areas, but please remember that he is not a king. He doesn’t make the laws — the Congress does. The U.S. House of Representatives is controlled by folks not in his party who vote against helping the homeless, the students, the jobless. In our system of government this means that nothing can be or has been done. Yes, this president travels all over the world as all presidents before him have done, but this expense is necessary to keeping us safe and the amount is trivial when compared to the cost of wars. Please don’t listen to Michelle Obama if you don’t like advice on healthy eating. Obviously, you must have eaten wisely if you are now 81 and in good health. I know, sometimes we don’t like people trying to help us when we don’t need it. I agree with you that her personal travel expenses as well as all her personal expenses should come from the money her husband earns as president — nothing more! But they should be able to spend it as they choose. Unfortunately, we taxpayers must pay for the expensive security required to keep all of the presidents’ families safe. Please remember that President Obama wants to help those of us in the 99 percent by slight increases in taxes for the elite rich – the 1 percent. If he is not reelected, you will likely lose the Medicare and Social Security you have today. All GOP presidential candidates want to privatize them. We must stand together to keep that from happening. Patricia Grenfell, Auburn