President Obama has run up obscene level of debt

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A few facts might enlighten some of those people who seem to think President Obama is doing a good job. Not so. No president in American history has spent as much money in such a short period of time as has President Obama. First the $800 billion “stimulus” and then the $400 billion package that followed and much more to come. Guess who is going to pay for all this? You and me, U.S. taxpayers. Obama’s plan to increase taxes by more than $1 trillion in the middle of an economic crisis means ultimate disaster. At this rate Obama and the Democratic Party will bankrupt our nation beneath a sea of mounting, trillion-dollar debt. He covers it by printing obscene amounts of new money and that will be extremely inflationary, making us all even poorer. So many Journal letters condemn George W. Bush, who indeed left America with a record $400 billion deficit but that pales alongside the Obama plan for a record $1.8 trillion deficit projected for his first year. Americans should wake up to reality. Will Rogers had it right. “The difference between death and taxes is death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets.” Dale Smith Auburn