President wiser than you think

Reader Input
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Naysayers from both sides of the spectrum are seeing the debt ceiling settlement as a victory for the Republicans and tea party. Quite contraire. President (Barack) Obama now has until after the 2012 election to fine tune an already improving economy. The debt/deficit still has to be dealt with and a 10-year window allows this to happen. President Obama is wiser than you think and he and America came out of this soap opera smelling like roses as you’ll see once the dust settles. Look around you, the economy is in much, much better shape than it was a year ago, and it’s only going to get better now that Obama has a little breathing space between Republican and tea party interlopers dogging his every step. Yes sir, this all worked out for the best. The GOP’s extortion and blackmail tactics backfired big time. Ron Lowe, Nevada City